Recent Projects

Built OTT Video Player

Description: Built OTT Video Players on customer Web, WebTV, and Mobile Platforms

Features: State-of-the-Art OTT Video Players

Components: Video Player, Integration with BitMovin Encoder, CodeCept Automation Framework

Technology Stack: ReactJS, CodeCept

Current Status: Live on all platforms taken up.

Team Size: Started with 2 and scaled to 40

Noteworthy Achievement: Ability to understand Customer Legacy Platform, and frameworks in a short period and Contribute to their Go to Market Deadlines

Omnichannel Campaign Manager

Description: Easy Creation and Promotion of Campaigns for Omnichannel

Features: Bulk and Channel Targeted Campaigns. Integration with Customer Legacy Systems

Components: Omnichannel Campaign Manager, Templated Conversational Commerce, Omnichannel Adapter

Technology Stack: ReactJS, NodeJS

Current Status: Ready to Go Live. Customer Testing in Progress

Team Size: 4

Noteworthy Achievement: Ability to understand Customer Legacy Platform and adapt to contemporary technologies. Integrated with a legacy system for a seamless experience.

Technology Audit of OSS Framework

Description: Technology audit of OSS framework for IP acquisition by a tech enterprise

Features: Given Source Repository of the Target Company to conduct tech Audit and Due Diligence for Open-Source Components and Provide Reports

Components: Loan Management System, Credit Scoring based on Customer Usage Patterns

Technology Stack: Custom Tool

Current Status: Completed with Due Diligence reports provided to the customer. The customer has taken over the tech stack and is currently running as the customer’s IP

Team Size: 4

Noteworthy Achievement: Auditing and reviewing the tech stack for reliability, scalability, and maintainability

Built LMS for School

Description: Custom LMS (Learning Management System) Built on top of Moodle

Features: An integrated LMS, Integration with Business Processes of the School

Components: All modules of LMS – Teacher, Students, Admin, and Management

Technology Stack: Moodle, ReactJS, PHP

Current Status: Entire Curriculum Being offered in School. Ongoing and Continuous usage by the customer

Team Size: 3

Noteworthy Achievement: Customized Standard Moodle through plugins to meet the Business Process of the School. Currently, all Online systems run through the custom-built Moodle. The system is currently handling 3000+ students, 100+ faculty, and admin staff providing significant efficiencies in their business processes.

Introduced Automation Suite for Financial Application Platform

Description: Automation Suite for a Financial Application Platform

Features: Reduction of Release Cycle

Components: Test Automation Framework

Technology Stack: CodeCept, Selenium

Current Status: Platform release is happening to automation

Team Size: 4

Noteworthy Achievement: Introduced Contemporary Test Automation Methodologies to Legacy Applications

Refactored Architecture to Achieve Performance Improvement

Description: Consulting to refactor legacy architecture for vertical scalability

Features: Reduction in the need for increased hardware

Components: Architecture Refactoring

Technology Stack: Multiple Complex System with Variety of Integrations

Current Status: The platform is live Refactored with proposed Architecture and able to scale well. It currently processes Billions of Messages per day

Team Size: 1

Noteworthy Achievement: 30% Improvement of High Traffic Live Messaging Platform without any increase in the hardware.

Embedded Framework and Application Porting to Android

Description: Embedded Fintech Framework and Application porting to Android 

Features: Legacy POS Framework having legacy Operating System ported to Android

Components: Proprietary

Technology Stack: Lua Engine and Application Related Dependencies

Current Status: The platform is live

Team Size: 3

Noteworthy Achievement:  Making it future-ready - Separated Device Dependent and Device Independent Layers to modularize the solution helping the platform to be ported to any OS in the future.

Developed UI for Cafeteria Management System

Description: Cafeteria Management Systems for enterprises

Features: Multi Hierarchy Cafeteria Management System for a Unicorn start-up that provided this
a solution along with their payment solutions for Huge Enterprises having Food Courts.

Components: Food Discovery, Inventory, Ordering, Queue Bursting

Technology Stack: Vue JS, React, NodeJS

Current Status: Built and Transferred. The platform is currently live

Team Size: 6-8

Noteworthy Achievement: Built the MVP with 160 plus Screens with responsive UI in a record time of 3 months. As the backend APIS was not available, the entire API sets (100+) were mocked up to expedite the development process.

Enabling Cross Border Payments

Description: Development Portal, Partner Integration, Performance Engineering, Documentation Support

Features: Built the Development Portal, Continuous Support for Partner Integration, Automation, and Performance Engineering

Components: TurnKey

Technology Stack: Java Spring Boot, ReactJS, Postgres

Current Status: Continuous Sprints in Consultation with Customer’s Product Team

Team Size: 12

Noteworthy Achievement: Ability to understand Customer Platforms and Contribute to Roadmap development and Partner integrations. The platform handles $1Bn+ per month of international remittances with 100+ partners integrated into the platform.

Digitizing Local Merchants

Description: Help Discover Local Merchants in the vicinity. Enable Customer Interactions Digitally through existing popular messaging channels.

Features: Easy Merchant and Merchandise Onboarding. Enable Local Conversational Commerce

Components: Catalog Creation and Discovery. Simplified Store Creation and Presence. Integration with GMB (Google My Business). Omnichannel Commerce

Technology Stack:  ReactJS, NodeJS, GraphQL, Neo4J, MongoDB, Redis, NextJS

Current Status: Product Live. Operating in Build and Operate mode

Team Size: 5

Noteworthy Achievement: Product Addition through Image (Google AI). Take Picture. Discover Product Data. Enable Local Facebook and Google Ads for Local Merchants in a simplified manner.

Conversational AI Platform

Description: Complete Conversational AI Platform that enables Business to launch Virtual Assistants.

Features: Low Code Platform for Creating Virtual Assistants (Multi Language). Easy enablement of Omnichannel Commerce. Prebuilt Integration with Major Ecommerce Store Providers (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce).  Omnichannel Integration – WhatsApp, Google My Business, Voice.

Components: Catalog Creation and Discovery. Simplified Store Creation and Presence. Integration with GMB (Google My Business). Omnichannel Commerce

Technology Stack: ReactJS, NodeJS, GraphQL, Neo4J, MongoDB, Redis, NextJS

Current Status: Product Live. Operating in Build and Operate mode

Team Size: 5

Noteworthy Achievement: Enabled Major Customers in European Region through the Customer’s Platform. Solved Region Specific Problems through the Platform. Some videos of generic use cases that can be solved through are given in this link

Marketing Automation Platform

Description: An Easy-to-Use Marketing Automation Platform (SAAS)

Features: No Code Platform for Marketers (Multi Channel)

Components: Omnichannel Journey Builder, Flexible Audience Creation. Integration with Various eCommerce Storefronts

Technology Stack: ReactJS, NodeJS, GraphQL, PostGres, MongoDB, Redis, Kafka, Apache NIFI

Current Status: Product Live with Tier-1 Customers. Built and transferred. Currently Building Feature for upcoming releases

Team size: 8

Noteworthy Achievements: Built Platform on First-Principles cutting out the chaff of existing platform and made it live in a period of 5 months.