A brief intro of Openturf: enterprise software development

Chief Growth Officer (CGO), OpenTurf Technologies

Kaustubh Kashyap, Chief Growth Officer (CGO) of OpenTurf talks about the company’s revolutionary VTO approach and how it is solving major tech issues of its clients. With about 90% repeat business, OpenTurf specifically holds distinctive competence when it comes to providing highly scalable, low-cost software solutions. Along with this the spokesperson also shares the expectations they have from the industry and the expansion and growth plans of the company.

Q1. What is VTO, and how is it different from a usual IT Services company?

Answer: Virtual Technology Office (VTO) is a concept wherein a dedicated and experienced team is deployed to simplify complex technology requirements delivering superior end-customer experiences that are aligned with the business goals of the organisation. The VTO team becomes an extended execution arm of a CTO of any organisation. It is a software development and delivery approach that is consultative in nature – by offering build vs buy decisions, choices of tech stacks, etc.; is agile in delivery – by enabling experimentations & scale-up just-in-time; offers better control on projects – by transparent project management practices; and provides flexible engagement models rather than the usual time-and-material approaches taken by IT services companies. A VTO model is inherently more aligned to share software development risks with the customers. This model is proving instrumental in helping organisations scale up and down quickly based on their business needs. Founded by technology veterans who have delivered large-scale systems across the world, OpenTurf is leading the VTO approach in the software development industry, which is plagued by “Customer bears all the risks”. Thanks to its highly customised and best-fit VTO approach, the model is finding favour among companies cutting across the range for product development, moving legacy systems to microservices architectures, reduction in cloud costs and enabling complex third party integrations. Though VTO is a new-kid-on-the-block, the results are explicitly visible – VTO model offers enormous savings of time and resources when it comes to accelerating transformative changes in the functional and operational capabilities of an organisation.  

Q2 What problem is OpenTurf’s VTO approach solving?

Answer: Organisations across industries today are contending with challenges related to the execution of their new projects in a time-bound manner. This is specifically true when it comes to overcoming technology challenges in areas of technology architecture, custom-automation and Enterprise-grade software development and execution. The issues related to scalability, flexibility, reliability, maintainability and agile deliveries are among the critical issues faced by the industry and achieving these at reasonable costs further adds to the complexity of the problem. OpenTurf with its revolutionary VTO approach of providing multiple engagement models for shared responsibilities – Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) / BO / BT models,  is emerging as credible answers to all these challenges. Not only are the services offered by us highly effective, but the technology solutions provided are completely scalable and can be altered to accommodate ever-expanding opportunities in their respective business environments.  

Q3 What domains are you focused on?

Answer: OpenTurf is known for its distinctive competence in offering technology solutions that are industry agnostic. Aligned with our core competencies, we focus on building SaaS platforms for companies operating in the domains such as financial technology, education industry, healthcare sector, retail markets and consumer marketing among others. OpenTurf offers both cloud native and cloud agnostic solutions that coupled with our performance engineering services help our clients to scale without necessitating any comprehensive change in the base stack, helping them reach new heights of success and profitability in their businesses. Besides, OpenTurf possesses competencies to deliver projects that require on-premise deployments. In fact, any organisation, across domains, which is searching for reliable tech consultancy services, tech solutioning and enterprise-grade software is potentially a customer of OpenTurf.  

Q4 What kind of technology do you work on?

Answer: Our core competence lies in offering solutions on applied artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in cognitive services, document processing, transcription processing and visual search. We are also proud of our capabilities in complex third party integrations, test automation and microservices-based platform development. Our team has successfully delivered projects by equipping companies with faster time-to-market due to our pre-built ready-to-use software modules. In addition, We are the preferred partners for our customers for making the right technology choices for mission critical applications.  

Q5 What changes in dynamics have been noticed by you in the Indian market of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning?

Answer: It is heartening to witness that organisations cutting across industries are waking up to the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). It is a good sign for the IT industry and for that matter, the entire ecosystem of new-age technologies. However, there are some critical challenges that must be overcome before we start realising the full potential of these much-needed technologies. Companies have to pick up specific use cases where business outcomes have to be explicitly defined. Thereafter, lack of credible and reliable data pertaining to use cases continue to remain a major stumbling block for the industry. Most of the data available today is siloed across the company, which hinders its capability to present a holistic picture to the stakeholders. That said, we have started seeing improvements in the understanding within companies on the usage of AI and ML technologies, and, as the data becomes more encompassing, the use cases of AI and ML will start to show significant outcomes in the coming times.  

Q6 What kind of expansion do you anticipate in the coming years?

Answer: We are fully confident of the potential of the gig economy as the future belongs to new-age innovations having the potential to offer superior value and better customer experiences. Companies are likely to stick with partners who offer them high agility and a greater degree of flexibility to make adjustments in accordance with the ever-changing needs of their customers. We, at OpenTurf, equip our clients with transformation capabilities, and are well positioned to meet these industry needs. We are proud of the fact that our growth is primarily driven by our repeat customers (90%+) and references (80%+). This speaks volumes about the highest level of customer centricity that is an integral part of our work ethics and culture. Our focus on hybrid work culture has enabled us to thrive in times when the industry is begging for the availability of quality resources. In this financial year, while we continue to focus on our existing customers and bring more innovative solutions for them, we are striving to make inroads into newer territories and geographies.

Source: CXO Today