Self Healing Code

This article likely explores an innovative aspect of software development: self-healing code, where software is engineered to identify and fix its own bugs or errors, making the development and maintenance process more efficient and reliable. Link

How Google Measures and Manages Tech Debt: 

The article presumably discusses Google’s approach to managing technical debt – the cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of a better approach that would take longer. It likely offers insight into the methodologies Google employs to quantify and manage this challenge. Link

The Growing Pains of Database Architecture

This piece probably presents the challenges Figma faced in scaling its database systems. It may address the transition from a monolithic single database to a distributed database system, outlining the technical obstacles encountered and the solutions applied. Link

Career Planning as an Individual Contributor Software Engineer: 

Likely, this article gives advice to software engineers who want to advance their careers without shifting into managerial roles. It might discuss pathways for growth, skills to develop, and how to balance technical expertise with broader professional development. Link

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