The Clean Architecture — Beginner’s Guide

An Engineering Approach to Create a Clean Architecture

A concise introduction to understanding the elements of clean architecture. It is important to understand the foundational elements and adapt them to the situation.


Do you love NFPs? Are they difficult to manage? Do they feel privileged or entitled? NFPs exist everywhere and should be nurtured with care, but our belief is ‘No one is indispensable.

Eliud Kipchoge: Inside the camp, and the mind, of the greatest marathon runner of all time

What the greatest runner of all time can teach us? It is the idea that consistency prevails over intensity. Shipping products is mostly science and getting the science right consistently is Art.

What the Heck is Backstage Anyway?

Have not made sense of it completely yet, but seems to be a useful tool for large-scale software development organizations.

Usual Fun Stuff

We do wonder if this might be true!