Top 10 Podcasts to Follow to Become a Better Programmer

What Should a Software Programmer Know to Become Better?

Continuous learning is the only choice to keep us going. Here is a list of podcasts that will help you keep sharpening your axe.

Chesterton’s Fence: A Lesson in Second-Order Thinking

At first glance, this article may seem irrelevant to the software industry, but if you go through it and have programmed for some time, you will realize that there is great merit in this article. We have a saying ‘Respect working code’. So before you start to refactor take the effort to understand why certain things were done the way it was done. Do not reject anything outright

Does Free Come at a Cost?

Open Source definitely advanced the pace of software development, but do we have a metric on how heavily we rely on it? What happens if someone pulls the plug. This article discusses the power that Open Source Developers have. What do you think?

It is ok to have an ordinary mind

“I think people who keep an ordinary mind are more relaxed, have no internal distortions, observe things with a more nuanced perspective, are practical and have more patience” – Zhang Yiming, Byte Dance CEO. Read the full transcript here. The counter perspective is refreshing.

Usual Fun Stuff

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