Code-first vs. Product-first

What Does Software Developer Prioritize- Code-first Vs Product- first

Are you a code-first developer or a product-first developer? Find out here. We have encountered both in our teams and sometimes end up being the arbitrator!

5 Metrics of Software Leadership

Here is a commonsensical take on how to measure yourself and your teams. In our experience, any means to measure individual productivity has proved futile, but one quality that is probably useful is the ability to get the rubber on the road. The old adage of ‘Ship it’ holds!.

Top 5 Books for Software Engineering That Every Developer Should Read

As the habit of reading somehow seems to degrade with time, this is a good list that serves as a reminder of how we can continue to sharpen our edge.

6 steps to start a career in Voice and Conversational AI

Despite the hype around the magic of NLU, GPT3, OpenAI Codex, and equivalent, we believe that useful Virtual assistants are here to stay. Here is a good primer to get you started on the journey.

Some Fun

Our usual fun stuff here.