Thinking !

11 Software Productivity Tools to Know as a Software Programmer

As an engineer (read programmers(s)) you would have learnt many things, but have you ever gone back and checked on how to think ?. This article gives you an insight about that. You might be surprised that the obvious is not so obvious!

A Deep Work Primer

What we do is relevant and if you think being continuously available in slack, whatsapp, MS teams , Google chat is a sign of productivity, you need to re-think. Here is a guide to deep work and a good experiment would be to use your ‘always on’ medium only during your breaks. You could see your productivity quadruple if you just manage to switch off your distractions!

How Discord Handles Two and Half Million Concurrent Voice Users using WebRTC

Irrespective of how you consider performance engineering in your software development life cycle, you will enjoy this writeup on how to think about scale

11 Productivity Tools Every Programmer Should Know

Every engineer has their own favorite set of productivity tools. Here is one list that you might want to consider

Some Fun

Our usual fun stuff here.