Conversational AI & Chatbots

Our world is expanding more virtually ever since AI and Automation have become viable and immediate communication devices. Chatbots have become essential for customer-business engagement for the interaction between customer and enterprises in a smooth, simple, and quick manner. Soon it would be possible to conduct 85% of business interactions without human intervention. They are even better for quick chats and efficient operations, and they can provide real time solutions. Pizza Hut is presently employing chatbots to simplify purchase orders on instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and others. Chatbots provide numerous advantages, including increased sales, lead generation, streamlined customer service, overcoming shopping cart abandonment, and the ability to automate various business process functions.

We specialize in building conversational AI platforms, Lego blocks (readily pluggable micro-service modules) for integration with social networking and communication platforms (FB, Instagram, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, GBM, etc.,) to enable customer engagement.