How to Be a 10x Software Engineer


3 Differences Between Best & Good Software Developers

How to Be a 10x Software Engineer


Is this feature the best use of your time?. How many times have you asked this question. Sometimes it is the not so common, common sense that makes the difference. Read here to know more on becoming a 10x Software Engineer. These are not the only ones, but these do make a big difference between a best engineer & good software developer.


Desirable Difficulties: When Harder is Better for Learning


Sometimes the easy way out may not scale. Read this article and see if you agree.


Andrew Ng: Unbiggen AI

Useful insights can be gained from having focused data instead of massive amounts of data. Hear it from THE boss himself here.

The Radar from Thoughtworks

We eagerly await this quarterly radar from thoughtworks to see if some of the technology choices we make in our work are valid and also to see what kind of technology choices to make in our upcoming efforts. This is really a splendid effort for the community by the folks at Thoughtworks

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The latest extensibility mantra