Dependency Inversion Principle: How Google Developers write code

What is Dependency Inversion Principle in Software Design?

Abstractions could be leaky, but abstractions written and done well, could be lifesavers irrespective of the size of the system. Take a look at how Google Developers approach this (an example of dependency inversion principle) here

Technical Leadership

Irrespective of the nature of the field, we keep harping about the importance of building the ‘T’ skills for everyone who encounters us. Here is yet another validation of why as you advance in your careers, having that skill is important. You could call it a case of confirmation bias, but still a useful confirmation bias!

User disengagement

Blogs coming from the CTO of Zerodha, Kailash Nadh form a classical collection on their own. Here is a classic article which articulates the need for ‘less is more in his own way. A product definition is complete not when nothing more can be added, but when nothing can be removed. How can we avoid feature clutter?

Gitlab Handbook

Do we need to say more? Culture Handbooks are to be read and portions relevant assimilated. Here is one from Gitlab which I think should go into your bookshelves without fail.

Usual Fun Stuff

The whole software engineering community will agree to this