Ditch Your To-Do List and Use These Docs To Make More Impact

Enhance Productivity in Your Software Development Journey

The To-do list can become monotonous. Personally, we have notebooks that go back 5 years in time, and sometimes when we go back and read those notebooks it is funny how we carried on some task for days together. Here is a different way of looking at your to-do lists and how you can experiment to break the monotony

Why we stopped making Einsteins

What is a recent innovation that we cannot live without? While democratizing education has had its positive effects, are we creating outliers or the bell curve is expanding? This article presents the case for how geniuses were produced and it is not very different from the dead form of Guru-Shikshya type of education.


Just like we are fans of what ThoughtWorks does on the tech side, we are a fan of what Prof Scott Galloway has to say about many aspects of business and life. Here is an excellent take on power and balance of it from him

The Elements of Good Judgment

We are too quick to judge leaders and it is never easy at the top, but here is an excellent take on what possibly good leaders do while taking a call. Most of them do it intuitively, possibly, but knowing the science behind it is always helpful.

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