Software Architect

Necessities for Advancement Within a Software Development Company

Should they be a purist, realist, optimist or ? In our minds a good software architect balances business needs without compromising the need to build software in the right way in any software development firm. They ask the right questions and here is a link that articulates what a good architect has to possibly consider.

Skills to acquire as you climb the software development ladder

Investing in your own development is one of our favorite mottos. Here is a good article that emphasises that and other skills that you need to start acquiring to mature into the software development profession.

Scrum and Agile Development

While there are many schools of thought on if Agile and Scrum are dead, once in a while it is good to go back to some of the founders behind the methodology and their original vision. We were inspired by this talk from Ken Schawaber then and we still consider it inspiring. Irrespective of where you are in your software development process.

Building a Culture of Ownership

Culture can be construed as a heavily loaded word. However this article sheds light on how to build an ownership culture in an engineering team. After we read, we could think this as pure common sense, but …..

Some Fun

Here is a pinterest board that will make you smile!