The 30 best bits of advice

Best Practices in Software Engineering Methodologies and More!

Firstround is a place we visit regularly and recommend every aspiring software engineering leader to follow. They came out recently with the 30 best bits of advice they have heard on their podcast. Our favorite is Level-up your leadership by getting off the floor. What is yours?

Why software has bugs

Have we ever wondered? This is an article you can use to explain to your families why you don’t sleep or return home on certain days!

What exactly is JAM stack

Irrespective of whether you call it old wine in a new bottle or new wine in a new bottle, JAM stack is the reason behind some of the blazing fast websites. Here is a look at the tech on what goes inside it!

10 Things Every Developer Should Learn

How to become a software developer? Is not a random question for sure. We grew up with functionality, robustness and performance in our approach to software development. This article possibly gives some pointers on getting there. If we add one more to the list, that would be ‘Performance should not be an afterthought!’

Some Fun

Our usual fun stuff here.