Claude Shannon on Creative Thinking

What are the essential three things for being creative?

  • Training and Experience
  • Certain Amount of Intelligence or Talent
  • Motivation

The full article can be accessed here

The 30 best bits of advice

Firstround is a place we visit regularly and recommend every aspiring engineering leader to follow. They came out recently with the 30 best bits of advice they have heard on their podcast. Our favourite is Level-up your leadership by getting off the floor. What is yours?

Thinking !

As an engineer you would have learnt many things, but have you ever gone back and checked on how to think ?. This article gives you an insight about that. You might be surprised that the obvious is not so obvious!

The Forty-Year Programmer

You wish to be a ‘coder for life’. This article gives an insight. We love them.

It is ok to have an ordinary mind

“I think people who keep an ordinary mind are more relaxed, have no internal distortions, observe things with a more nuanced perspective, are practical and have more patience” – Zhang Yiming, Byte Dance CEO. Read the full transcript here. The counter perspective is refreshing.

Eliud Kipchoge: Inside the camp, and the mind, of the greatest marathon runner of all time

What the greatest runner of all time can teach us? It is the idea that consistency prevails over intensity. Shipping products is mostly science and getting the science right consistently is Art.