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How does ChatGPT work? As explained by the ChatGPT team

ChatGPT works by converting text input into tokens, creating embeddings for each token, and using a massive weight matrix to predict the next likely token. This process involves pretraining on extensive datasets and applying gradient descent for optimization. The result is a language model that generates coherent, human-like responses based...

Exploring Three Decades of Software Innovation alongside my mentor, Arun Tanksali – By Zunder Lekshmanan Co-Founder and CTO @ OpenTurf Technologies By Zunder Lekshmanan Co-Founder and CTO @ OpenTurf Technologies

Essential Steps for Successful Product Development: Mastering Needs, Validating, and Pivoting

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Measuring Developer Productivity: Real-World Examples

Developer Productivity - Do you measure or Should you measure? Here is an article on how various company measures developer productivity The Turing Trap: The Promise & Peril of Human-Like Artificial Intelligence Should AI be feared or adoption should be slowed down or it should be merged into activities that...