Join TechPulse for an insightful conversation with Manish Joshi, VP of Technology at i-exceed, as he shares his two decades of experience in banking technology, discussing the evolution of digital banking from internet banking to AI in fintech.

Explore our latest TechPulse episode as Jason Conley traces the journey from low-tech beginnings to a data-driven patient engagement system, highlighting how integrating technology with human interaction optimizes cost and enhances patient care, maintaining a crucial balance of tech and empathy in healthcare.

TechPulse: Navigating the crossroads of AI adoption, data unity, security fortification, and cloud-in-house balance for enduring digital success.

Welcome to another episode of TechPulse! In an era where AI is inevitable, enterprises are confronted with pivotal decisions: to build or buy technology solutions, to break down data silos for a unified truth, to bolster security against ever-evolving threats, and to reconsider the balance between cloud services and in-house...

Exploring Three Decades of Software Innovation alongside my mentor, Arun Tanksali – By Zunder Lekshmanan Co-Founder and CTO @ OpenTurf Technologies By Zunder Lekshmanan Co-Founder and CTO @ OpenTurf Technologies